See Better in the Dark!

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  • A highlighted aspect of life in Zimbabwe, with a fun activity to go along!
  • A devotional thought to read with the whole family as you do the simple activity
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Are you ready to partner with us in prayer AND extend your family's global connections across the world? Good! Let’s go!

Big, Big Story Activity: See Better in the Dark

Electricity is one of those things that is easy to take for granted. Like many places in the developing world, Zimbabwe experiences regular power cuts and many rural areas have never been connected to power. With the sun setting around 6:30 pm, many students eat their dinner and do their homework by candlelight. This week, try eating one meal with your family using only candles or flashlights for light. For the really adventurous family, try to go from dinner all through your kid’s (or personal) bedtime routine using only candles or flashlights (be safe with candles!). We’d love you to snap a picture of your family eating by candlelight and post it on our Eudo FB page with #Eudo! 

Devotional Thought to go along with activity: 

(can be read aloud while you eat your dinner by candlelight)

Can you answer this riddle:

If you shine a light on me, I disappear, You can only see me when you can see less, what am I?

    Did you guess the stars? Although it can seem like we can’t see anything in the dark, the truth is there are some things that we can only see when it’s dark. The stars are the farthest things humans can see with their own eyes, but they are completely invisible in the bright noon-day sun. In the same way, sometimes we need to turn down all the bright lights (and power down the screens!) to notice, to remember and to be thankful for all the gifts that God gives us. As we turn down our lights it helps us ‘see’ all our brothers and sisters in the developing world. As we eat our dinner tonight, let’s try and notice all the things we have to be thankful for. Also, let's lift up in prayer all the students who must study by candlelight in Zimbabwe.

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