Water is Heavy! How much Can you Carry?

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In many places in the world, people carry their water from a central source, back to their homes. For many, this daily trip to the well requires a lot of strength. A standard water container (a ‘chigubhu’  pronounced Chee-goo-boo) is 20 liters (5.3 gallons), and carrying two back from a well weighs 90 pounds! For this week’s challenge, let’s carry some water to think about what life was like for everyone in the Bible and many people in the world.

All you need is a container to carry the water. Take a walk around your neighborhood carrying some water. Don’t give up if it’s tough, just stop and take a break! If you really want to challenge dad, get two 5 galloon buckets, but you’ll want lids unless you don’t mind getting wet. Although a standard water container is 20 liters, it’s not uncommon to see very young children carrying 2 liter containers from a well as parents train them to help the family.

For kids in your family, use whatever container would seem like a good challenge. Here is a table with weight for reference:

2 liter bottle = 4.5 pounds

 1 galloon jug = 8.4 pounds

5 galloon bucket = 42 pounds

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Boaz Lawson demonstrates his strength.

Boaz Lawson demonstrates his strength.

Devotional Thought to go along with activity:

Can you answer this riddle: 

What’s never thirsty but always drinking? Alive, but never breathing? answer: A Fish!

It’s easy to take something like water for granted. Anytime we want a hot shower or cold glass of water, we can turn on the tap without a second thought. For many people of the world, and for most of history, the process of carrying water was something that had to be done every day. Even when clean wells are dug in Africa, those surrounding families have to send individuals who can haul 5 gallons (20 liters) of water at a time back to their homes. You may not have thought about it, but when John the Baptist was baptizing people in the Jordan, he would have been able to see plenty of people washing their clothes, taking baths, and getting water for their homes. 

Grade One Student At Snack Time

Grade One Student At Snack Time

It may be tempting to look at this glass of water and think, “All there is to drink with dinner is plain water?” Somebody go and get a glass of water. Go ahead, I’ll wait. How long did it take you get a glass of water? What?! That’s so fast! The truth is, the fact that we have plenty of clean water to drink that we don’t have to carry for miles and miles is anything but plain, it’s amazing! 

Isaiah 55:10 describes God’s promises like the water he blesses the earth with, producing all kinds of fruit and nourishing life. As we pray tonight, let’s thank God for the gift of water, and lift all those who must struggle to find and bring water to their homes.