Let's take a Walk!

Big, Big Story Activity Week 2

In most parts of the world and in most times in history, people walked where they needed to go. For students in rural Zimbabwe, they walk between 1.5-3 miles to get to school everyday (2 - 5 km). Since most schools start at 7:00 a.m., students have to start walking to school pretty early. Sometime this week, take a 1.5 mile walk (2km) and talk about what it must be like for students around the world. If it’s raining today or too cold, check out this video of Elon Musk’s favorite riddle about walking (it was also used as part of the job interview from Microsoft for a long time): https://youtu.be/OOzzncDp2oE

Devotional Thought to go along with activity: 

A friend of mine from eastern Kentucky used to joke, “Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.” It’s easy to miss the fact that walking long distances is the backdrop to much of the New Testament. Both Jesus and Paul spent a good deal of time traveling between cities with their companions by walking and talking as a group. Walking is such a common experience that the verb for walking around becomes an idiom for living life. Check out this verse from Ephesians 4:1:

“As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life [walk] worthy of the calling you have received.” (Ephesians 4:1, NIV) (for other examples of this verb see: Colossians 3:7, 1 Thessalonians 4:12, 1 John 1:7)

    Pray for all those students who walk to school, as well as those who live too far from a school to be able to attend one. This week, let’s think about who we are ‘walking with’ and what we are talking about as we walk along. May the where and how we walk be in a way that reminds others of God’s incredible blessings and love.

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Prayer Update Week 2

Prayer Update Week 2